What are the odds that she actually likes you? You have been “friends” for a while and you are also secretly wondering if she sees this as a platonic relationship or something entirely different and more exciting. It could be hard to see the signs and sometimes someone else may need to point it out for you. This article seeks to be the ultimate guide on whether she secretly likes you or not.

The signs that she secretly likes you include;

She Secretly Likes You

She forgives you too easily

You are constantly letting her down and not treating her right. I bet you wouldn’t forgive yourself for certain things you do to her and the situations you put her through and yet she forgives you so easily. This is a clear sign that she likes you and is willing to overlook certain things that many people are not willing to put up with.

Keeps tabs on you

She is constantly trying to know how you are doing. She calls you, follows you on social media and is quick to meet up with you. A girl who secretly likes you wants to know what is happening in your life because unconsciously she feels the need to be in your life and hence the constant concern for your welfare.

Quick to respond to you

 She is very fast in answering your calls or texts and even responding to conversations that you start. The constant need to keep you focused on her through quick responses could mean that she likes you.

Love Listening to You

Loves listening to you

A girl will rarely listen or even concentrate on something or someone she doesn’t like. If she is very keen and attentive in listening to your plans then that may mean that she likes you. She may be trying to align her plans to yours or even trying to get a deeper understanding of what you want in future.

She always remembers your birthday

She is the first to wish you a happy birthday. It is very rare that a girl randomly remembers the birthdays of those she does not care about. If she remembers your birthday always it is quite evident that she likes you.

She is awkward around you

She fidgets a lot and sometimes she is too clumsy around you. This may happen because it may be overwhelming to maintain perfect composure around someone you have a crush on. This awkwardness is a common sign that she likes you.

The need for subtle physical contact

She finds a way to brush hands with you or just little brushes here and there as you spend time together. The need for physical contact is a sign that she requires a connection with you and hence a clear sign that she actually likes you.

She is there when you need her

She is easily available when you are in need of her help. It may be the case of an emergency or you are unwell and need someone to take care of you. If a girl is this invested in trying to help you then it is an indication that she likes you.

If you look close enough there are many signs that could really tell you if she secretly likes you. Some of the most important signs to look out for have been outlined in this article. Here is a guide to point you to the direction that you wish that relationship could be headed to.


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