Over the years we have had several complaints from tenants who have been harassed by their landlords. The complaints range from verbal abuse to increment of rent.

Are you a tenant? Have you thought of reporting a rogue landlord if you have ever been abused? Well, most tenants have filed their complaints to the Business Premise Tribunal. The tenants have mostly complained of threatening, verbal abuse, cut off of utilities and huge increment of rent.

Despite all these harrasments that tenants undergo in the hands of their landlords, some of them still choose not to leave their rental houses probably because they do not have a choice but to stay since finding a place to stay has become more difficulty nowadays. If the tenant is rarely available at home then it might be difficult for them to find a new home due to a tight schedule.

In most of the disputes between the tenant and the landlord, the landlord is usually on the favored side. The tenant rarely feels like they are equally with the landlord.

How Do You Avoid These Conflicts and Report a Rogue Landlord?

Knowing Your Rights.

Tenancy Agreement
Tenancy Agreement

It is necessary that you as a tenant should know your rights under the lawand according to the agreement signed between you and your landlord. In our country Kenya, there are laws that govern the tenant and the possible conflicts in the Restriction Act Cap 296 laws of Kenya.

Another law is in the Landlord and Tenant Cap 301. This law mainly protects the period of staying of the tenant in the house. If the tenant pays 2500/ per month and below, then they are entitled to be protected from exploitation by the landlord.

Procedure of Rent Tribunal in Case of Conflicts.

Report to the Rent Restriction Tribunal.

If the tenant has been harrased in any way by the landlord, the tenant should report immediately to the rent tribunal.

Institute Various Tribunal Court Proceedings.

The complainant should who is the tenant is asked to institute court proceedings as instructed by the court.

Allocating of the Hearing Date.

The matter reported is then allocated a hearing date in which both the tenant and landlord is give a notice to attend without failure. Otherwise the court will take action if any fails to attend.

Hearing proceedings.

The Tribunal Court then hears the complaints and issues just rulings and order according to the Rent Restriction Act 296 of the Kenyan laws.

Court Proceedings Hearing
Court Proceedings Hearing

In conclusion, every tenant should report any vague landlord and should know that it is illegal to evict them and the court will take action against any landlord that evicts them. Furthermore, lock out by landlord and increment of rent is against the law if they do not agree with their tenants on the amount to be increased.

If a tenant wishes to object the increment of rent just terminating the tenancy notice is not enough. The matter should be referred to the Tribunal Court. All tenants should fight towards ending harassment from their landlords. Every human being is entitled to having a peaceful environment to live in.


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