Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission Election Eligibility

Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission Election Eligibility

The Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission of Kenya privileges to take part in the electoral process. The rights are included below;

  1. Freedom to be a registered voter
  2. Freedom to elect by private poll in any election or mandate

Freedom to be enrolled as a voter

Voter Registration
Voter Registration

In Kenya, every adult has the right to be registered as a voter without unfair regulations.  A person qualifies as a voter if:

  • He/she is a grown-up national
  • He/she is of practical sanity
  • He/she hasn’t been condemned for an election violation

To be enrolled as a voter, this right furthermore tightens to an individual who possesses an identification certificate and includes an acknowledgment card as evidence of such enrollment.

Below are the procedures of enrollment,

  1. Requisition procedure

Every applicant for enrollment shall be enlisted in the applicable file by the enrollment officer, who delivers the data relating to the enrollment of the voter to the Commission. The law of Kenya declares that a citizen who is entitled to registration as an elector shall be enrolled at just one center.

  • Change of enrollment system

A person who wants to transfer his registration center to another should notify the Commission in the illustrated way in not shorter than 90 days foregoing an election.

  • Assessment of file of voters

The Commission should open the Principal Register of Electors for examination for a period as it evaluates essential.

  • Collection protocol

The Commission must collect and conserve the Principal Register of Voters cited above. This collection comprises the modifications to the file of voters performed after the examination of the file.

  • Assertions of names not in the file

The Constitution will not reject a qualified citizen the freedom to elect or sit for election. The individual who was assigned to be enrolled as an elector but his/her name hasn’t been constituted in the file of voters,/may deliver an assertion to the enrollment officer in the magisterial form, way, and period for his/her name to be encompassed in the file.

Freedom to vote

A Registered Voter in the Act
A Registered Voter in the Act

The Constitution of Kenya states that a grown-up national should practice the freedom to vote. This section covers the aims of the Act including;

  • Execute of elections
  • Execution of mandates
  • Election conflict solution

The Commission’s policy acknowledges the below principles;

  • The sovereignty of nationals to practice their political liberties.
  • Below two-thirds of the associates of discretionary units shall be of similar gender
  • Reasonable presentation of individuals with disabilities
  • Broad ballot established on the aspiration for favorable presentation and parity of poll
  • Open and satisfactory elections

At each election, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is required to confirm that whatever polling procedure is utilized, the network is easy, factual, checkable, secured, prone, and clear. The suffrages faculty are tallied, tabulated and the outcomes are declared by the governing officer at every polling site.

On the elections, the Constitution empowers that a public election of members of Parliament, The President, County Assembly Members, and the County Governor shall be carried on the next Tuesday of August of the election year.


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