Accidents  can come with motions of intense emotions such as anxiety, trauma etc. There’s that state of confusion during an accident and an inability to think of what to do next. Well, I got you sorted. Below are the key actions you should take when you get involved in an accident.

Accidents are unpredictable. Therefore, it is only safe to enlighten yourself with the information on this article. It is possible to avoid accidents though unplanned. This is through safe driving and having road courtesy. Here are the things to do when you become a car accident victim.


Safety sign
Safety sign

Before anything else, ensure you land on a safe area. However, be careful not to leave the accident scene. Secure yourself in a place within the scene making accessibility easier. For example, there are those accidents that can lead to a car explosion. This is why it is advised that you get out of the vehicle to avoid further damage. Look out for people around you and the amount of injuries they have. Move them to a safer position. It is however best to not move if there are no signs of explosion or further damage.

Call for Help

Promptly contact emergency services such as police, ambulance. The number in which you can call the Kenyan police is 911. Police are very important as you’ll need their report in order to claim insurance. The police can also help in contacting other  emergency services such as firefighters incase of car fire.

Give an Alert

Double accidents can be tragic. It is therefore very advisable to turn on hazard lights and turn off the engine. This should help alert the neighbouring people that an accident has occurred. If one is relatively stable, put alerting road signs on the front and back of the car. Other drivers or passengers will become cautious and react to the signs thus reducing further damage.

Gather Statistics

 Information is very crucial in every aspect. The least injured person is recommended to gather info. Give kiln attention to every detail. Such details include; the number of people in the accident, number of cars, car description- model, colour, size, number plates etc. Take note of almost everything. It is better to go extra than to have missing information. Talk to witnesses, if there are any. Allow them to give you information of every single thing they know about the accident.

Put the info in Document Form

Legal Proceedings After an Accident
Legal Proceedings After an Accident

The kind of information to document should be specific, no guessing. Accuracy helps in achieving accurate investigation results. Take photos of the scene, injuries, cars etc. Photos are static and they don’t lie. They can be enough proof if any dispute arises. This will help the police in writing a report.  Request the police to give you a copy of the documents and their report. It will help in the long run of seeking compensation legally.

Have Proper Association

Be friendly to and with the witnesses and the people involved e.g.  the drivers. Unity is power. The more witnesses you interact with, the easier it will be during court jurisdiction due to increased proof.

Finally, Car accidents can cause great pull-downs. Therefore, drivers and also passengers should be very cautious. But just incase it happens, with the above information, you’re fully pinned to handle any accident that arises.


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