Pro bono is a term used to describe an individual(s) who is providing professional services voluntarily without a pay or profit. These are professionals who rendered there services to those who can’t afford to pay for them. The term is derived from a Latin phrase “pro bono public” which refer to “for the good of the public”. The term is commonly associated with the legal fraternity.

In this article, we are going to look at ways of getting a pro bono lawyer. In the legal profession, lawyers can be quite expensive to afford. This due to their professional training and an in-demand for their services that makes them so expensive and not everybody can afford their services. Even though, some attorneys have found the will and are willing to help those less fortunate with legal advice. Therefore, this is where such services come to play. The bigger question is, where are these services offered in Kenya?

A Discussion With Lawyer
A Discussion With Lawyer

There are several firms willing to offer these services and include:

Clear Kenya

This is a registered trust firm based in Kenya and offers legal aid. It is operated by Christian lawyers and has been in operational since 1999 and is based in Mombasa, Kenya.

Anjarwalla and Khanna

They provide their legal services to the less fortunate in the society and focuses mainly on matters including educational, religion, community, charity etc.

Munyao-Kayugira and Co. Advocates

This is a Kenyan based law firm specialized in providing legal advice and guidance on international as well as local clients. It provides these services in compliance with the public organizations act of 2013 and include the following: company law, immigration/work permit, employment laws etc.

Iseme Kaman and Maema advocates

This is a firm that represents locals on regional and international legal matters. It is an alliance of the other regional firms across Africa.

Katwa and Kemboy Advocates

Katwa & Kemboi Advocates
Katwa & Kemboi Advocates

The firm is one of the major providers of these services in Kenya today for those struggling to get legal fees.

Well, having looked at some of the firms offering these services on pro bono basis, the following are ways on how to get legal services if you can’t afford to pay for the legal fees:

  • Contact the city courthouse.
  • Seek for free legal representation.
  • Check out for any legal aid societies.
  • Make a visit to any law school.
  • Reach out to your county or state bar association.
  • You can also go to claims court.

In conclusion, like earlier mentioned, hiring a lawyer is quite expensive and most people might not be able to afford especially living in a third world country where most people earn low wages or even some don’t have any formal or permanent employment. This has made legal representation a thing of fortune for those lucky enough to afford the required fee unlike the ones who can’t afford them. Therefore, these services have come as a blessing to many and thus can now get better representations and a fair trial.


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