Advice on what to feed to a 1 year old baby

Advice on what to feed to a 1 year old baby

Hello dear breastfeeding mother’s? Are you eager to know what your one year old baby should be fed to grow strong and healthy? Do you ask yourself which foods are healthy feeding your baby? Yes, I have your answers  for this with me.  For a growing baby needs certain foods at certain ages of their lives.

Below are some of the nutritious foods that you should feed to your one year old baby for proper growth.

1). Ripe bananas

Ripe Bananas
Ripe Bananas

They are easily eatable and soft for your child. They help in strong bone marrow formation hence avoiding some diseases brought about by lack of calcium in their bodies. At this age the child having the desire to feed by itself, a banana is a clearly covered food.

2). Milk

Milk is a body building food for a child. During the age of one year, the mother needs to wean the child slowly hence introducing other foods with milky constituents such as a cow milk or yogurt. They are very helpful for their growing and developing bodies due to their high content of proteins and calcium which is beneficial to their teeth and as well as their body too.

3). Boiled eggs

Eggs are protein in nature. During the age of one year, a baby needs more of proteins hence, eggs being a protein source they will serve this. Just like adults, the need for eggs in babies is a great concern to make their body strong and healthy. Eggs helps in brain development hence, once the child goes to school at the age of four years and above he or she is brighter. This food also eliminates the defects of associated with paining eyes and so on. You should only use boiled ones, later on, both boiled and fried ones at a separate meal is appropriate.

4). Chicken stake

Chicken is a source of proteins to our bodies. Also, babies at this age require chicken stew for bone strength and chicken stake at smaller bites as well.

5). Ripe avocados

Avocados being both a fruit and a body building food, it is therefore useful to your growing baby. The more ripe ones are used for this purpose to avoid hurting the baby’s tongue, as  well as the oesophagus. Avocados attractive nature, which implies what is inside it makes the skin of the baby look smooth. It also helps in brain formation as well as good heart pulses. The fats in them help in healthy bone marrow.

6). Beans

Raw Beans
Raw Beans

They are source of iron. They help in blood formation and full regulation of blood in the whole body. A mixture of mashed potatoes and beans, being a combination with very high iron and calcium content.

Therefore, the above foods have a great benefit to a one year old baby just as well highlighted. Take at least four to six days a week feeding your baby with a certain food or a combination with different benefits to the baby and see what suits her or him best. I hope you got your questions answered.


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