Rules help to govern a country and that is why it is the responsibility of every citizen in a country to follow them. If you are caught breaking laws by any police officer, you will be arrested and taken into custody. In this article, I will give advice on what to do when arrested by police in Kenya.


It is very important to know the laws that govern your country , this will help you avoid being arrested for breaking laws which you did not know they exist. If you are found committing a crime, you can either be taken into custody or be held for questioning by the police. In case you get arrested, this is what you should do.

Be Calm

We all deal with situations differently. Some might tend to be aggressive with the police officers when arrested and resist arrest.

You should be calm during this situation of arrest as it will ease things with the police and everything will run smoothly. You do not have to use force while dealing with them.

Remaining Calm During an Arrest
Remaining Calm During an Arrest

Be Respectful

You should try to be respectful as possible while arrested. When you disrespect what they tell you it might lead to your case being worse than before by adding more charges to your case.

This is why you are asked to be respectful no matter how angry and upset you are for being arrested .

Remain Silent

It is your right to not say a word when arrested. If you happen to say anything to the Police,  it will be used against you in court and this is why many people choose to say nothing when taken into custody.

It is not that they can not defend themselves but it is because they do not want their charges to increase during their appeal.

Call a Lawyer

The first person you should talk to while in custody should be your lawyer. In case you do not have one, they might hire for you. It is advisable for one to always have a personal lawyer who will take care of your case.

Having a good  lawyer will determine if you will win the case and that is why you have to get yourself a good lawyer to represent you in court. The information you give your lawyer will help them solve your case easily and this will determine with the offence you have committed.

Seek Assistance From Your Lawyer
Seek Assistance From Your Lawyer

Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

Your lawyer should be your best friend while in custody. You should make sure you have given him helpful information about the crime you are charged for.

This is the person who protects you while in custody and it is good that you trust him with important information and follow whatever they tell you.


Therefore, the best advice on what to do when arrested by police In Kenya is to collaborate with them. You should avoid resisting whatever they say to you and be polite even though you are upset.

 The first person that you should always talk to when arrested should be your lawyer and you have to follow whatever they say to you. Avoid bluffing as well when arrested.


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