Advice on the Importance of Physical Fitness and How to Start It

Advice on the Importance of Physical Fitness and How to Start It

Physical fitness is without a doubt one of the indications of a healthy human body. Taking a physical fitness journey is therefore of paramount importance. In this article, the content included is my advice on how to start a fitness journey and how important it is to keep one’s body fit based on my research. Having a good physicality does not only help in maintaining good health but also, it helps boost self-confidence. Physical fitness exercises are in many categories. They include going to the gym, doing some alone workouts and others.

A Body Lunge Exercise
A Body Lunge Exercise

Before starting a physical exercise journey, here is my advice on how to go about it to ensure you get the desired result.

  1. Set aside a period for each when you feel you can afford the time to have the exercises you need. The process is something similar to a therapy or a dosage of medicine. You need to take the therapy sessions consistently and at the required times. Commitment to your physical fitness exercises is key to achieving your goals.
  2. Start small – On starting a physical fitness journey, I always advise everyone to start with the basics. It is important to note that engaging your body to some physical hard exercises that you are used to can be dangerous and cause complications. It is therefore important to start with the simple tasks and keep “going big” with time. Small steps forward are always better than no step at all.
  3. Go for what you can afford. A physical fitness exercise does not always mean having to attend the gym and hiring a trainer. You can do the physical exercise that do not need expenditure and still afford to achieve your goals. Such exercises include:
  4. JOGGING – Whichever time you chose to do the jogging, the exercise is always effective. Either you do the morning or evening jogs or both depending on the desired results and the state of your physical fitness. Remember, you can always start by small distances then keep adding the distance as you fitness levels increases.
  5. SQUATS. This is an essential exercise in improving the fitness of your muscular fitness. A more muscular fitness translates to a greater calories burning capacity.
  6. LUNGES – This exercises involves taking a big step forward with the spine in a neutral position, then bend the front knee to approximately 90 degrees with the focus on keeping the weight on the back toes. Drop the knee of your back toes ion floor.
  7. Push-ups – this exercise can be done at any level of fitness.  It is also the most common and need no gym attendance. 
  8. Abdominal crunches. Crunches helps in flattening of the abs. To perform the exercise, lie on your back letting the feet lie on the floor flat and letting the fingertips support your head. Start the exercise by pressing down the low back and contract the abdominals then peel your head, then the neck, followed by shoulders then the upper back.
A Physical Exercise Session
A Physical Exercise Session

Considering my advice on how to start the physical fitness journey is important due to the following reasons:

  1. Physical exercise helps improve health and avoids diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  2. Improvement of brain function
  3. Helps in management of weight
  4. Improves the sleep quality
  5. Helps in improving stiffness and joint pain.

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