Your child’s success does not only depend on his or her efforts in classwork but also on your support; in both financing the education and also taking your time to study and talk with them about their education.


Most children who perform well in their education, don’t rely on school work and teachers alone but also get a lot of support from their parents and guardians. In this article is advice on how to take your role in your child’s education. Some of the ways are by rewarding them for their results, helping them with their assignments and studying with them, sharing your school personal experiences, and finally, overseeing your child’s activities.

Coloring Assignment
Coloring Assignment

One piece of advice on how to take your role in your child’s education is by rewarding it. When you reward your kid for its performance, either it has good or poor performance, it motivates it to work harder and see what it will get when it performs better. Sometimes promising them something they have desired for a long time will make them put their best foot forward, and make their good performance a habit.

When your child has assignments to take home, it is advisable to help them tackle the problems. Sometimes your child may miss a point when being taught at school or might have not have understood a certain topic, and fail to tell its’ teachers. When that topic or problem is in the assignment, it will learn from you and learn a better alternative of answering that problem.

If you are studying something, doing your masters or your Ph.D., or even an assignment you took home from work, while in the study room it is important to allow your child to join you. Through this, you serve as a role model, and when it sees you taking your time to study, it will too want to study. Besides, when you are all studying, the kid will be more comfortable asking topics it doesn’t understand due to that studying environment than when you are doing house chores.

Sometimes children face problems at school and are shy or afraid to express themselves to their parents, for example, bullying. Most times these problems lead to a lack of confidence hence the children’s poor performance. You, therefore should take some time with your children and share your school personal experiences. This way the child will learn new tactics of facing its problems.

Checking Daughter's Academic Progress
Checking Daughter’s Academic Progress

You should always have an eye on your child’s activities, both at school and home. It is also necessary to know the kind of friends your child spends time with. Habits are linked to performance in studies. When they have abnormal behavior, it is important to advise them as soon as possible and inspire them, help them organize their daily routine. That way the child will be organized and well behaved, hence be a good academic performer from its childhood.

To conclude, in school, children learn about thirty percent of the skills and knowledge they require in life and spending time with them to talk through their performance, rewarding them, helping them face problems both in real life and in studies, and discussing your personal experiences and mistakes boosts their learning.


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