Car servicing is a term used to refer to the process of a regular maintenance or check-up performed at set intervals (at least once a year) or whenever the vehicle has traveled for a certain distance.

In this article, we look at the importance of carrying out or performing regular check-ups on your car. Most people have felt the consequences of not servicing their cars. They usually complain about the process being cumbersome and its cost. Others blame it on lack of time since they are busy with other things rather than going to a mechanic. What most of these people forget is that this process is just like visiting your doctor for a regular check-up on your health.

As much as an individual may think that taking your vehicle for servicing is quite costly, failing to do so can even cost you more when the vehicle breaks down. However, it is important one get to understand that there are two types of car servicing processes. They include: minor servicing and major servicing.

Car Parts That Require Servicing
Car Parts That Require Servicing

With the minor servicing, it involves taking your vehicle for check-ups at a period of at least six (6) months or after covering some certain kilometres. Services include:

  • Changing of engine oil.
  • Replacing parts like air, fuel, and oil filters.

Major services are usually intensive procedures that are performed annually or when a vehicle has travelled over a long distance. It involves procedures like:

  • Checking the cooling system.
  • Checking on brakes and its fluids.
  • Replacing engine oil.
  • Changing and replacing filters like fuel filter, oil filter or air filter.

With that being said, the importance of servicing your vehicle includes:

Improving your safety

Whenever you take your car to a garage, there are several things that a mechanic can look in your vehicle including checking on the faulty brakes, worn out tyres and even faulty headlights thus fixing them. This will in turn make your vehicle safer when you want to travel unlike if you had not taken it for service. It will reduce the chances of you getting an accident because major and minor problems have been fixed making this reason one of the key factors to take your car for a regular servicing.

Increase resale value

A well maintained car improves the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, whenever you want to resell the car, it is easier to convince someone to purchase the vehicle because of its maintenance and performance. Most of the car parts are in good shape and conditions therefore reselling it will not be a major problem.

Increases life span

Taking your vehicle for service helps the vehicle improve its lifespan. Well serviced vehicles tend to last longer and break downs are usually minimal. Service prevents a lot of problems in a car like fuel consumption, air pollution, wear and tear of the engine and tyres and keeps the vehicle in good shape and condition. Therefore, it’s important that you keep the regular service for your car if you want it to serve you longer and more efficiently.

Man Servicing His Car
Man Servicing His Car

Bottom line, with the above points, we have seen how important it is to keep your vehicle on regular service. It will help you in a lot more ways than what everyone seem to see. Therefore, it is highly recommended that no matter how long sometimes the process is, it is worth it.


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