Used plastic bottles tend to make the environment unclean, especially if not properly disposed of. What people don’t seem to realize is that plastic bottles can be reused and money made out of it. This article gives an idea on advice on how to recycle plastic bottles to make money.

Creativity has become a key element in generating income. A way of being creative is by recycling plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are usually disposed of after being used by many people around the world not knowing of the dangers they contribute to the environment. These bottles can however be used in an appropriate way and profit be generated out of it and also save the environment.

Recycling Plastics
Recycling Plastics

The first common way that most people actually use is collecting bottles and returning them to industries that may need the bottles. Certain industries usually pay a person money for bringing bottles to them. A company can offer two shillings for a bottle therefore a person needs to collect the bottles in bulk if he or she seeks to collect much money. For instance a person may return coca cola company’s bottles or Water Company’s so as to reuse their former bottles for storing sodas or water for sale.

In Kenya we have companies like PET recycling company limited which is a non-profit organization who require the plastic for recycling purposes. Such companies’ advice people with plastic bottles to collect and bring the bottles for recycling. Therefore a person may opt to take this bottle to recycling companies so that they can be brought to good use.

A person can also opt to use the big bottles to plant seeds to grow seedlings for sale. This is done by cutting the plastic and filling it with soil where the seeds are put and germinate into seedlings as time goes by. These seedlings are usually trees, flowers, house plants among others.

For the people who do small hustles one can use the bottles in selling and supplying liquid soap. One who has the expertise in making their own liquid soap can find it advantageous in using such plastic bottles.

Flower pots can also be made through the big plastic cans and be decorated so as to be sold. The upper part of the bottle is cut and the lower side decorated in a desired manner so as to create an amazing flower pot for gardens or house plants.

Other countries have proved to use plastic bottles for arts and crafts. Things like plastic flowers, jewellery holders or house and office decorations are made out of plastic and sold. All in all once creativity and imaginative ways are required.

Therefore one can say that although they can cause pollution if not disposed of in an appropriate way, it can still be proven advantageous if a person gives advice on how to recycle plastic bottles to make money. All one needs is to be smart and creative for the plastics to generate income. A person can also opt to create employment by hiring people who collect the plastic bottles for them in order to sell and pay them little income.


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