Just like preparing for a huge task that could result to a productive end yield, preparing to go through an interview process usually takes more than just searching for the most common questions asked in interviews. The following is a description of advice on how to prepare for a job interview.

Know who your audience are

As a way of trying to find out more about your target audience, the following points are key:

  • Spend time to find out more about the company. Use sources such as: friends, news releases and google search among other reliable sources.
  • Get to know the “who” aspect of the company (through its Facebook page and blog), and how to express the same personality in your interview.
  • Find the list of your interviewers and try to know more concerning them for instance, the type of behaviors that can excite or annoy them.  Also prepare few questions-that are within context- directed to every interviewer.
  • Ask the HR or recruiter about the format of the interview before the actual date, then, invest your time familiarizing yourself with it.
Doing a Research About the Company
Doing a Research About the Company

Anticipate the questions for the Interview

As a way of predicting or foretelling questions that you could be asked during the interview, you should do the following:

  • Spend time to carefully think about your: accomplishments, interview answers, management abilities, skills, and creativity that would reflect to your interview.
  • Prepare an answer for the question wanting you to tell the interviewers more about yourself.
  • In order to deal with ‘your largest mistake’ question, just prepare by thinking of something you normally battle with but you are trying to improve.
  • Find some percentages and numbers when giving information on your accomplishments to help sweeten the whole pact.
  • Prepare for answers to give when asked your interest in the company’s role. To answer this, just consider the reason why the function interests you and identify the key factors that position you as the best fit for the role.

Pack accordingly and dress presentably

Both dress code and other important documents are key in interview preparation. The following should therefore be considered:

  • Arrange for a completely perfect outfit. In case you are not sure on the kind of dress code to wear for the interview, use friends (workers of the company you are interviewing with) or search through the muse profile of their company to get photos of the dress code.
  • Ensure that your outfit is tailored, cleaned, and pressed into a fit that is modern.
  • You should not ignore the little details like ensuring your shoes are well shined and your fingers are well manicured. This will make you look good and presentable and therefore very confident.
  • Have your resume printed out so that you can present it when asked to.
  • Have a list of references, in each include: title, name, organization, department, email address, phone number and a short description of your relationship with the referee.
  • Prepare your bag and ensure it is big enough to hold all the essential requirements like: interview documents, extra resumes and notepad among others. Arrange everything neatly for easy access.
Dress Presentably
Dress Presentably

In conclusion, interviews are technical but simple when the interviewee chooses to focus on prior preparation.  Therefore, it is important for anyone preparing for an interview to try not to overlook any key factor that could play a great deal in ensuring the success of the interview.


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