Epilepsy is a condition in which the activity of the nerve cell in the brain get distracted causing seizures. There are things that have been known to be the causes of epilepsy like severe injuries in the head, stroke, brain tumours and infections. Epilepsy can come as a result of disorders of the genes and can develop on anybody.

Due to the abnormal activities in the brain, a primary symptom called seizure happens. Some of these symptoms are, twitching of the face, convulsion of some body parts, loss of consciousness and affected speech. To achieve free status of seizures and get no effects, take the advice on how to manage epilepsy below.

Child Living With Epilepsy
Child Living With Epilepsy

It is good to understand your condition

Epilepsy can bring huge impact to patient’s emotions, others look very anxious, stressed and feel some loneliness. Some get depressed, and to avoid all these you need to speak to your doctor and tell him/her about what you feel.

Take medications correctly

The only way to control and treat epilepsy is to use the recommended medications called anticonvulsants. Incase medication does not ease, vagus nerve stimulator is a device that can help to treat.

Don’t miss doctor’s appointments

It is always good to have your own diary so that you can note down the appointment dates and keep an eye to make sure you don’t miss out. Doing this will bring improvements to your treatment and you can determine when to change your medication. Also incase of any problems caused by the drugs, then you will be able to explain.

Get enough sleep

Epileptic patients must get enough sleep as less sleeping is known to be the trigger for seizures. Having enough sleep of about seven to eight hours is advisable to take control of the seizure.

It is good to know what triggers it

There certain things that may increase seizures to occur, some of them are less sleep, stress, and taking alcohol.

Live a healthy life

Living a Happy Life
Living a Happy Life

Eating balanced diet should be the priority, you should not skip any meal as this with lower your immune system making the seizures to happen more often. Drinking a lot of water helps too, and when the diet is health you will keep a health weight too.

Avoid anxiety and stress

To avoid experiencing epilepsy symptoms, you should avoid anxiousness and stress as they are most common triggers.

Do exercises

Regular aerobic exercise will help to improve health, self-esteem and general attitude, and this may decrease the number of seizure you could have had. Other activities like rock climbing, interaction sports and swimming are not good as they may harm the patient when seizure happens.

To conclude, epilepsy is a serious disease that needs attention in order to prevent seizures. The above advice on how to manage epilepsy will help to prevent those seizures from happening. Apart from medications, there are other things to take into considerations like healthy diet, rest and avoiding triggers. With all these you will be able to have your own guide on how to live without frequent seizures.


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