In our daily activities, conflicts are not a new phenomenon, its part of our lives. Similarly, in our workplaces it’s not strange to encounter conflict, as among our employees they come from different backgrounds, cultural believes and religions. Therefore, as a manager it’s prudent to be well equipped with wide range of knowledge in handling conflicts when they arise in your company. Below are some of the key strategies you need to have in order to effectively handle conflict in your working environments.

Speak with the other person

Discussion on How to Solve A Conflict
Discussion on How to Solve A Conflict

The first step in solving conflict is trying to talk with the other person to establish the source of the disagreement. In doing that you will be able to identify what triggered the conflict and find the middle ground in solving the case.

            Narrow -down on behavior and events, but not on personalities

During the process of solving the conflict, you avoid the personality aspect or your relationship with the aggrieved parties but try to center your conflict resolution on behaviors and events that led to the disagreements. This will avoid complicating the process of solving the differences among the two conflicting parties.

           Listen diligently   

This is one of the fundamental aspects of solving conflicts as it gives both sides opportunity to air their grievances and concerns which ultimately will guide you in coming up with solution to the problem. When you take your time in offering a listening ear you will be able to establish a common ground and thus avoid biasness in coming up with your final verdict.

          Pay attention to the disagreement

Paying Attention to an Angry Colleague
Paying Attention to an Angry Colleague

While dealing with the aggrieved persons, try to identify the disagreements amongst them. This will assist you to address to the problem head on and isolate the major differences and identify some of the agreements between them. After establishing the disagreements, you will be able to point out the real issues that led to the conflict.

          Concentrate on areas of conflict

When a dispute has happened it’s prudent to prioritize on the core areas of the conflict. This will assist in speeding up the process of solving the squabbles. In narrowing down on the major areas of the dispute, you will be able to deal with the issues arising one by one and in the end come up with a common ground.

       Strategize a plan to work on each conflict 

After identifying the real issues which led to the clash, its important to list the steps needed to come up with solution. The strategy laid down on the list of issues and problems identified will guide in solving the given problems and easily establish a common ground hence solve the antagonism among the aggrieved parties.

       Stick to your plan

Similarly, after you have ordered the whole list of conflicts to work on, ensure you follow step by step in addressing the issues carefully and in systematic manner. In doing so you will be bridging the gap amongst the aggrieved parties and in the long run establish a mutual agreement and hence solve the differences.

       Capitalize on your success

Ordinarily, to amicably solve a case amongst persons in dispute its important you concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives, this will ensure that both parties focus on the success in solving the differences which has come up and in the end reach at a common agreements hence solve the dispute in real time.

 In summary, solving a dispute among individuals in any company needs someone with skills at hand and have specific objectives to address the conflict in a friendly and unbiased manner which ultimately brings parties together to live harmoniously in the society.


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