Asthma is a long-term diseases that makes the airways of the lungs to be more sensitive. When triggered, it starts to irritate, becomes inflamed and produce a lot of mucus which will in turn cause short of breath, wheezing, chest tension and coughs. Apart from these triggers there are other conditions like chest infections which also trigger.

Asthma being chronic it cannot be permanently cured, but it is extremely a manageable illness. For many patients, control is real and it gives a virtual cure. To achieve, this the following advice on how to manage asthma maybe of help.

Know what initiates and try to avoid them

Asthmatic Man Using an Inhaler
Asthmatic Man Using an Inhaler

Sometimes asthma cannot start on its own, but instead there are things that makes it more prevalent especially when the patient is exposed to them. These initiates may be allergens, smoke, air pollution, flu viruses, fragrances or cold air. Therefore, for you to avoid lots of problem it is good to stay away from these triggers.

Come up with asthma managing strategy

A plan on how to manage asthma is very important as symptoms can vary day to day, it maybe better or worse depending on several things that needs the patient to understand how to adjust the medications with the symptoms experienced and when to look for medical attention. Working with your health service provider is important in order to get a personal asthma plan.

Use the inhalers correctly

Inhalers are provided to open the inflamed airways that limit breathing, so if they are not used correctly the patient will end up not getting better results. Relievers help to reduce breathing difficulties when symptoms occur, while on the other hand preventers should be taken on daily basis to assist in stopping the symptoms from evolving.

Avoid smoke

Smoke comes in two ways, either the patient is smoking or being exposed to the second hand smoke. If you are asthmatic, you are supposed to stop smoking or avoid being in places where you can get exposed to smoke. The reason is that smoke can reduce the frequency and severity of the symptoms or trigger the already deteriorating symptoms.

Take medications as instructed by the doctor

There are asthma controller drugs that are given to patients, if you skip them just because you don’t feel anything bad, then you are very wrong. These drugs are meant to be taken regularly as asthma  is the disease that is long – term, so even without symptoms you still have to take them and that is the reason you need to manage it daily and not only when you are feeling unwell.

Practice to exercise for fitness

An Asthmatic Lady Exercising
An Asthmatic Lady Exercising

By exercising regularly you will strengthen the breathing muscles which helps to boost your immunity and maintain body weight. Before you start doing the exercises make sure you are guided first to check if it safer.

In conclusion, asthma is a chronic respiratory problem associated with chest tension, cough and wheezing. To manage this condition inhalers are the drugs prescribed to help reduce and prevent symptoms. Also the above advice on how to mange asthma would be of help to many.


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