Advice on How To Lower Blood Pressure To The Recommended Levels

Advice on How To Lower Blood Pressure To The Recommended Levels


Blood pressure can be defined as the degree of the force the heart uses to drive blood throughout the rest of the body parts. High blood pressure may also be defined as hypertension. Optimal cardiovascular maintenance and a healthy circulatory is very dependent on blood pressure hence a normal blood pressure is essential. Blood pressure related issues include stroke and heart disease. Both high blood pressure and low blood pressure are dangerous to any human body. The focus on this article is on lowering a high blood pressure in your body to avoid the jeopardy of death related to blood pressure hence my advice on how to lower a high pressure.

Age and Blood Pressure
Age and Blood Pressure

Types of hypertension, symptoms and the causes.

Before getting into the details and the advice on lowering a high blood pressure, it is important to discuss briefly some of the symptoms and the causes of the same. After all, avoidance is better than cure so I believe for anyone who not in the cage of the condition, the following information is of undisputed importance.  There exists two main types of high blood pressure namely; primary hypertension, also known as essential hypertension, and secondary hypertension. My advice on how to lower blood pressure should be substantiated by a specialist therefore for anyone living with the condition, it is important to take the advice of your doctor too.

Generally, the hypertension condition is a silent one therefore most people may not notice any symptoms until the condition becomes severe and the following symptoms are noticeable.

  1. Headaches
  2. Nosebleeds
  3. Dizziness
  4.  Flushing
  5. Breath shortness
  6. Urine containing blood
  7. Visual changes
  8. Chest pains

 These are my advices on how to lower or avoid a high blood pressure;

Physical Exercise
Physical Exercise
  • Physical Exercise Increment. Physical exercise helps solve the blood pressure issue by strengthening the cardiovascular system, therefore with or without the condition, everyone should embrace physical exercises.
  • Avoiding too much of sweets. Beverages and foods that are sugary are composed of empty calories with little or no nutritional content.
  • Feeding on the diets advised by your doctor on lowering the blood pressure if you are living with the condition. Normally, this advice include the recommendation of eating more plants and less meat.
  • Avoid smoking. Tobacco contents may inevitably damage the tissues of the body and cause the hardening of the walls of the blood vessels.
  • Avoid regular consumption of alcohol or if possible avoid alcohol fully. Alcohol or alcoholic drinks may lead to a rise of the blood pressure. For anyone dealing with a high blood pressure, it is of utmost importance to quit the pleasure and save the pressure of your blood.
  • More stress managing activities. This includes a body massage, meditation, yoga, deep breathing and muscle relaxation. Physical exercise and having sufficient sleep are also good ways of managing stress. 
  • Medication. The right medication for a blood pressure that is higher than the recommended is the key to lowering a high blood pressure. Anyone with the advice on how to lower a high blood pressure who is against medication is without doubt misleading.

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