Big bellies and tummies have become common nowadays. This may be as a result of eating with a high number of calories and fats. Lack of enough exercise also leads to the development of big bellies. Some people are comfortable with big bellies while others are struggling to have their flat tummy back.  There are many ways of losing a stubborn tummy faster.

How to Reduce Tummy Faster

  • Begin strength training
Engaging in Strength Exercise
Engaging in Strength Exercise

This is one of the best ways of losing stubbornness in a few days. This can be achieved by doing exercise daily. The exercises include lifting weights at least three times weekly, doing movements like deadlifts and bench press. By training every day, the body will develop muscles. The muscles developed will replace fats in your tummy and help you develop a hard and flat tummy.

  • Drink enough water

Since weight loss involves exercise, it is recommended to take a lot of water daily. You can take up to 5 liters of water daily to burn excess calories in the body. Drinking a lot of water before eating reduces appetite. This helps you to take a little number of calories; hence, it controls the growth of your tummy. Warm water with lemon is recommended to kickstart body metabolism and burn excess calories in the body.

  • Do some crunches.

Crunches help to build lean muscle tissues which burn excess fats in the body. Lean muscle tissues are located in the hip area. The more you do a crunch, the more muscles will develop and all the fats in the tummy will be burned. This can only be achieved by having a well-planned routine. It is advisable to start with simple crunches like bicycle crunches and planks. After that, you can start doing abs workouts at home. It is good to do an abs workout three times a week with 24 hours of rest in between the workouts.

  • Limit your stress 
A Stressed Lady
A Stressed Lady

Since stress interferes with every part of the body, it can also lead to the growth of the tummy. Stress eating leads to the growth of the belly. This is because people eat a lot when stressed. While practicing other ways of losing tummy like doing crunches and strength training, you should avoid stress eating totally. Living a stress-free life helps you to get rid of a fat belly and develop a flat tummy faster.

  • Avoid unhealthy foods

The kind of foods we take can have either negative or positive impacts on our body. It is advisable to take a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to burn excessive fats and calories which lead to the growth of the belly. While exercising for a flat belly, you should avoid processed foods. This is because the high number of calories can lead to unwanted growth of the tummy.

  • Reduce salt intake

If excess salt is consumed, the belly will become bloated because much water has been retained. When training for a flat tummy, you should avoid taking excess salt or avoid salt totally. A flat tummy will be developed faster if there is a little amount of salt in the body.


It is much easier to get rid of excess fats in the tummy and maintain a flat tummy by practicing the methods discussed above.


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