Advice on how to learn your partners’ love language

Advice on how to learn your partners’ love language

For any love affair to thrive, communication is a key factor that both parties in love must pay keen attention to. As many people are used to the normal verbal cues, most love affairs do employ the non- verbal romantic cues to spice their love affairs. Actions are believed to pass stronger message than merely spoken words. Love language comes either in verbal, physical, emotional and even material forms depending on how partners relate with each other. To perfect this art of communication, here are some tips that one can apply to know what their partner intend to do or expects of them.

Partners' Language of Love
The language of love
  • What is mostly requested for –you get what you ask for; this is the famous quote most people use even those who are not in love. Once a partner frequently asks for something, be it back massage, making time out or going to the gym together, this is an indication that physical presence and quality time are of essence to him/her. How one responds to this will show how deeply they understand their partners’ needs.
  • Complaints- people always complain when their expectations are not met. When your partner talks of not getting any gifts, compliment or kiss, it is an indication that these are the missing links in that affair. It reveals what they secretly desire to done to them but they are not being done. Once one realizes the meaning of these complaints, they should know how to respond in order to quench their partners’ desires.
  • Actions- how one behaves when in an affair reveal a lot about their love language. Do they love it when they do things together, do they love their partner’s company when in their low moments, and are they comfortable with us all the time. Such actions tell us that our partners just love our physical presence around them always. It shows that you are already a piece in their life. Your absence is an inconvenience somehow.
  • Reactions-we often get to know what our partners expect of us when we do something and wait for their responses. An action that brings cold and screaming response should be eliminated immediately. Once such turn off actions have been identified, it is better that we replace them with are highly appreciated by our partners. This elimination method helps one understands their partners’ likes and dislikes.
Understanding Love Language
Understanding Love Language

There is no permanent manual on how people should communicate in a relationship. partners choose what works best for them and eliminate things that are not helpful. The above listed points are just some of the few tips but most partners may also find other better means of understanding their love language either through fights, silence, partial withdrawal or positive comments just to enable their partners adjust to their expectations. And these may happen for a period as the partners with time will get used to each other. Once they are used to one another, they will adopt an automatic understanding of each other  by ignoring their partner’s weaknesses and appreciating their strengths .


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