Advice on how to initiate land transfer in Kenya

Advice on how to initiate land transfer in Kenya

Do you want to transfer your land ownership? Are you willing to follow the procedures on how to transfer your land ownership in Kenya without losing your client’s confidence? Have you discovered that lack of clear procedures on land transfer may end up being a cause of action at the common? Am happy for you because you have reached the response point early in advance.

Below is the procedure of land transfer in Kenya. The process has to take twelve days to be fully active.

1). Have a search document.

A Title Deed
A Title Deed

This is a document issued by the land register in Kenya having the contents of the current owner in terms of size, if no other restrictions concerning it.

2). One should apply for permission to transfer the land.

Applying in person shows how one is willing to sell the land. At this stage the owner of the land and the one buying it must appear at land register who is the deputy commissioner. At deputy’s commissioner there is a board that regulations the number of land transfers in Kenya. Once the board has agreed on the current land owner on transferring the land, then a number of documents is required;

            a). A search document

            b). An original and copy of the title deed

            c). A copy of identification cards from the seller and the buyer.

            d). A copy of Kenya Revenue Authority from both the seller and buyer.

            e). A consent from the spouse.

            f). A typed consent application forms.

           g). Once the board has authorized for the sell of the land.

3). Determination of the stamp duty.

This is done to know the amount of stamp duty the two parties should pay for.

The following are the requirements for this;

          a). Title deed copy.

         b). A copy of the spouse consent.

         c). An application form.

        d). A map sketching showing the area covered by the land the seller is willing and wishing to transfer.

         e). The evaluation board will indicate the amount of the land and stamp it.

4). Acceptance of the payment of the stamp duty.

Agreement for Land Transfer
Agreement for Land Transfer

It is now the duty of the buyer to pay for the stamp duty. Where he or she will be given the payment slip from the bank .

5). Application for the land ownership

After the stamp duty payment slip is out, one has to carry the following documents to the land registry for confirmation.

        a). The buyer and seller’s Kenya Revenue Authority copies and national identification cards.

        b). An application form.

       c). A passport photos of the two parties.

       d). A payment slip for the stamp duty.

       e). A search document.

 6).  Bottom line document.

At this point the land registry will issue the new land owner with a title deed after which will take a number of days to mature.

In conclusion, I to those who were stuck by lack of the correct procedures on land transfer have now narrowed your thinking putting clear at each point of the procedure what is needed and at what level. Hope you will not loose your land ownership due to lack of clarity in your procedural process.


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