Many people who are married today face different struggles daily. It reaches a point in marriage where one gets tired with their spouse because of certain behaviors  which do not amuse  them. In this article am focusing about advice on how to initiate a divorce in Kenya.


Couples About to Divorce
Couples About to Divorce

There are always ups and downs when it comes to different relationships and in this article am focusing on marriage. It reaches a time where you as a spouse feel like giving up on your marriage because of the treatment you get from your other partner but you do not have a clue on how to initiate a divorce. This is what you should do when you find yourself in such a situation.

Hire a Good Divorce Lawyer

This is one of the crucial thing you should do if you are serious about initiating a divorce. Hiring a good lawyer will give you a better chance of winning a case over your partner.

Before you hire a divorce lawyer, you should do more research about them. This will determine if they are the right lawyer to help you with your case. You should keep your needs first and also consider the child’s upkeep, sharing of the marital properties and the maintenance fee when you want to hire a good divorce lawyer.

Have Good Reasons

For you to win a divorce case you should have good reasons why you want to initiate the divorce. Make sure your reason coincide with the ones stated. You should not contradict yourself at this point.

Be bold and do not be afraid of your other partner while staying your reasons for initiating the divorce. You should put in mind what you really want before you initiate the divorce.

Waiting Period

When you have discussed with your lawyer and they have understood your case, they present the case to the magistrate where hearing is done.

The hearing is done with the presence of you and your spouse. If one of you is not available, the hearing can not take place. After the hearing is done, you and your spouse are given six months to decide whether you want to get back together or if you want to continue with the divorce process.

Hearing in Court

Couples in a Divorce Case Court Hearing
Couples in a Divorce Case Court Hearing

After the period of six months are over. You go back to court where hearing will be done. If you both have agreed not to settle down together then the hearing proceeds. This is where the court will discuss about child’s upkeep, the marital assets and maintenance fee.

All this will be discussed in court and a ruling will be given. Failure to any of the spouse to adhere to the ruling there will be a penalty.


In this case, the best advice on how to initiate a divorce in Kenya is to first hire the best lawyer who will give your case a higher chance of winning . You have to really know that is what you want and you should not let anything distract you when you have already set your mind. If your spouse  abuse you many times in marriage the  initiating a divorce is the best thing to do.


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