Advice on How to Increase Chances of Being Elected as An MCA in Kenya

Advice on How to Increase Chances of Being Elected as An MCA in Kenya

It’s not easy to be become a Kenyan politician because it involves sweat, tears and blood to get a political office.

To be a significant politician in Kenya, be sure it’s like fun-filled game, not a boring concern-based politics. Being a gentleman in Kenyan politics is a reckless idea and a rapid way to urgently ruin your political career. If you have the characters a gentleman, add the looks of a hooligan in your personality. This means that you have to be a thug for you to win any political office in this country.

Meta Description: List of What You Do to Increase the Chances of Being Elected as an MCA in Kenya

  • Make sure that you are in agreement with your family

This is among the most important part needed for a successful campaign. Make sure that you’re in good terms with your family members especially your wife. The saying “happy wife equals happy life” is a better perspective to look at things.

  • Assign yourself to hard-work

The most productive campaign techniques are mentally and physically demanding. Voters don’t trust or support candidates who are lazy and earn nothing from their job. Your strength is a job requirement.

  • Write your plan

Look at your past remember that every time your life has been a success, you had possibly started the effort with a written plan. A roadmap will always keep you on the right path under budget.  

  • Involve yourself in local party politics

This is the way you learn how things are done and start to get the reasons why they work the way they do. These are the ones will be guiding you as you begin your campaign.

  • Raise money every now and then.

You have to be a perfect fundraiser unless you’re wealthy enough not depend on anyone. In most cases your donor base is vigorously compared to your support base.

Assisting the Elderly to Cast Their Votes
Assisting the Elderly to Cast Their Votes

This is How You Can win Voters’ Heart as a Politician

Note that you must learn how to work the crowd each time you get to the podium at any rally. To throw the audience into confusion, you may start singing absolutely off-key; and dancing entirely offbeat to the rhythm. Soon, the joyous village women will join in the dance wiggling their bottoms out of control in your honor. The youths will cheer you up as they watch.

Singing and dancing properly will give a chance to be featured on public ridiculous TV shows. To raise the crowd’s spirit it’s not a must you talk about things like a plan to develop the economy and renovating a particular sector. Master the art of insults and come up with strange nasty phrases which will turn to famous catchphrase.

If you attend the same rally with your opponent, don’t be patient or to nice them or let them spoil your name. Instead, express your displeasure robustly which means you have to take the bull by the horns.

Rush to the podium, grab the microphone from the annoying opponent and start to shout and trash at his face. Be sure that many other politicians will keep on trying to outdo you because you seem courageous. 


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