Advice on How to Improve Communication in a Marriage

Advice on How to Improve Communication in a Marriage

Effective communication is one of the most efficient ways of keeping a marriage stable and healthy. Superb communication enables couples to be able to express their feelings thus enhancing their bond.

Recent research findings have shown that poor communication is one of the leading causes of divorce in marriages. Men are often perceived as poor communicators in most marriages. This is because most men are poor in expressing their emotions. If you are experiencing marital challenges due to poor communication, then worry not, this article is for you. I am going to share some important pieces of advice on how to improve communication in a marriage.

Here are some of the best tips on how to improve communication between you and your marriage partner.

A Communicating Couple
A Communicating Couple
  • Practice the art of listening

Being a good listener is a clear sign of respect and affection. By being a good listener, you will be able to articulate your spouse’s concerns clearly and be able to respond to their needs.

  • Scheduling proper time for discussion

For communication to be effective, you should be able to schedule a proper time of the day when both you and your partner are relaxed. This can be during meal times as well as before bed-time. You can agree with me that at certain times your partner may be exhausted after a long day at work. It may be unwise to initiate serious conversations during such moments since they may be both physically and mentally fatigued.

  • Enhance your creativity

You can spice up the communication process with your partner by coming up with creative ways that leave a lasting impression. One clever way to implement this strategy is by leaving notes containing special messages at designated spaces in your home. This act will go a long way in showing your partner that you value him highly.

  • Managing your emotions

Inadequate communication can lead to the development of toxic feelings among spouses. If unchecked, these negative emotions can act as a hindrance to effective communication. It is important to let negative emotions such as anger and frustration calm down first before you talk to your spouse. Having a clear mind will enable you to talk to your spouse effectively as well as avoid unnecessary arguments.

  • Being transparent

Being open with your partner will able you to sort out any issue that is facing your relationship. Hiding certain issues from your partner as well as classifying some issues as trivial may prove detrimental in the long run. Open communication also enhances effective resolution of disputes.

Lack of Communication in Marriage
Lack of Communication in Marriage
  • Physical display of affection

You can use gestures such as maintaining eye contact, holding hands as well as occasional reassuring smiles when communicating. These acts will help to ease any existing tensions between you and your partner as well as improve communication in your marriage.

In conclusion, you will agree with me that Rome was built in a day. Communication is a skill that is gained with time. I hereby advise you that exercising patience will go a long way in improving communication in your marriage.


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