Love is important in a woman’s life however much she gets hurt. As a single mother, you need someone to lean on, to share your minds and ideas. Who is that woman that doesn’t need romance? Being alone as a single mother can bring loneliness. On the other hand, it can be faced with challenges. Mostly judgment from the community.

First, you need to be healed from the previous relationship to gain strength for a strong relationship. Do not see yourself as a failure.

This means that you have to prepare yourself psychologically. Also, have steady self-esteem. Be ready for that someone else you don’t know the character. Learn to listen to learn.

To get that someone, you need to be focused and work on a dating pattern. By this, you should avail yourself when the date is planned. Though you should not neglect your children, it is important to keep the promise. You should expect and be ready for both resistance and rejection.

In a dating scene, there are some things you should avoid. They are as follows;

Reducing your Talking

Let him talk and ask questions. Limit your answers not to expose your ugly part of you. Let him learn later about your character. Talking to much can spill the beans.

Having Time With the Kids
Mom and her children

Do not Talk About the Previous Relationship

Try not to talk more about your previous partner. Talk about the present and how to handle each other. Talking ill of your previous will make him feel you are yet to let go.

Children Sould not be Part of the Discussion

Let your man know that you have children but this should not be the main focus. The topics should be about the man’s interests and hobbies. Let the conversation be his likes, your likes, and his hobbies.

Have Self-Esteem

Do not pretend to be what you are not at the dating scene. Do not appear desperate because this man will not respect you.

You Should not be Too Fast to Get Intimate

This sometimes can be tempting because of loneliness. Have self-control until the right time comes. Otherwise, the man-to-be can take you like a loose woman. Take your time and focus on his character. Learn each other and take time. This can make you get carried away and forget your responsibility as a mother.

Introduction to Children

Never rush to introduce your man to your children. Be a responsible mother by not letting your children know your motives and your love life before it matures.

Scene Date Should not be Your House

Your house should be your private place with your children. Children should not be exposed to your relationships. This can be done outside and far from your home. Without fully knowing the type of the person you are dating, it is not a good idea to bring the person at home.

Out on a Date

Do not Compare

Remember everyone has his or her character. You might find yourself comparing him to your previous spouse and start feeling unease. Take it slow bit by bit. Listen to his talking and record every minor detail. This can conclude the kind of person you are dating.


A single mother has a right to date again. She needs that love and care. When at the scene she is supposed to use wisdom and maturity so that she can be the right person.


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