Storytelling since immemorial is a powerful tool which great leaders across the globe use to move the masses in passing over their ideas to their audience. Actually, storytelling in itself is an art which one must learn and develop over time. Therefore, as a skill, one has to nurture by reading a lot of books and practice in order to effectively learn and understand how to deliver message to audience in the most appropriate and easily understandable way. If you are a starter and you aspire to be a good storyteller as well as a writer, the following objectives will guide in learning the aspects to adhere to in order to become one of the best storytellers.

            Pick out a clear and central message  

Attentive Kids Listening to a Story
Attentive Kids Listening to a Story

To be a good orator one has to be specific in choice of words you use, in that you have to concentrate on the key message you intend to pass to your audience. The moment you deviate from the main objective is the time you will lose the attention of your audience. Importantly you have to center your storytelling on the keyword which in the long run sinks in the minds of the audience.

            Take-up a conflict

The essence of any storytelling is a conflict. If you don’t create a conflict in any story, then that’s a suicidal way of killing that story. To enhance and keep the reader going you have to introduce a conflict which makes your audience yearning to know what will happen next and at the end prolong the length and pages of your storytelling. This will captivate and attract the attention and curiosity of the reader.  In the end you will keep your audience in the story up to the climax.

           Ensure to have a clear structure

Significantly, it’s necessary to have a clear path to follow in order to systematically move your audience in an organized way. This also will aid in clear flow of your ideas hence avoid repetitions of words. When you have a plan, in that matter, clear objectives, then you will have an easy task in concentrating on your clear cut-out objectives which entice your readers and audience to the ultimate end of your story.

         Capture your audience

The essence of any writer and orator is to capture its audience, and if you are not able to capture your audience then your story will not be received well. Actually, the principle behind capturing your audience is actually making the story readable and interesting to hear. To be realistic, the story has to be interesting and with a lot of humors, this will make your audience to continue listening and reading the story to the end. In other-words, you move together with your audience.

Kids Enjoying a Story
Kids Enjoying a Story

         Keep watching good storytellers

To become a good storyteller, you have to practice and cultivate its values and principles by observing the best and experienced storytellers of our times. You have to borrow their skills and practice for sometimes learning step by step until you master the good practices od delivering quality story to your audience. However, it might take you a considerable time and resources but ultimately patience is required, as just like any other good thing to happen perseverance is needed.

In a nutshell, for any storytelling there must be objectives and lots of practices, and when you master the art of quality deliver of your ideas in a well packaged manner then your storytelling will sell all over the world.


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