Advice on How to Cure Hypertension

Advice on How to Cure Hypertension

Hypertension, also known as High blood pressure is an ordinary situation where one encounters a prolonged exertion of blood against the walls of the artery.  This type of pressure is based on the defiance of the blood vessels hence deforms the cardiovascular system. Hypertension is a prime threat aspect for cardiovascular illness including aneurysm, heart attack and stroke.

Major Risk Factors of Hypertension.

  • Alcohol and Tobacco-Regular consumption of alcohol and tobacco can increase hypertension.
  • Existing Health Conditions- Chronic kidney illness, diabetes and high levels of cholesterol are risk factors of high blood pressure.
  • Age-Hypertension is more common in people above 60 years of age hence there is increase in blood pressure as the arteries become narrow and stiff. This is due to formation of plaques.
  • Existence of Other Diseases– Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and high cholesterol levels can lead to hypertension as people age.
  • Wrong Diet- Excessive consumption of fatty, salty and sugary food also causes hypertension.
  • Low Potassium in a body leads to high blood sugar level.

The Best Treatments for Hypertension.

Good Medication

A test For Hypertension
A test For Hypertension

Hypertension patients are normally forced to mix two or more medicines for treatment. Below are hypertension medicines:

  • Alpha-blockers and beta blockers
  • Enriched calcium blockers
  • Central Agonists
  • Diuretics which consist of chlorthalidone, indapamide and thiazides
  • Adrenergic inhibitors which are peripherical
  • Vasodilators

Consumption of Less fatty fruits and Hydrogenated Vegetables

It is advised to avoid animal fats, trans fats and hydrogenated vegetable which are oily except oily fish and olive oil which have positive impacts on one’s heart.

Some of the recommended diet for Hypertension patients include:

  • Any type of beans and nuts
  • Plenty of fruits and hydrogenated vegetables
  • Enriched omega-3 fish twice a week
  • Dairy products with low fat levels.
  • Whole grains and foods full of fiber.

Consumption of less salt is also an advice as lowering salt intake can benefit people who have hypertension. It is recommended to consume not more than 5 g daily purposely to lower the risk of having abnormal blood pressure.

Weight Management.

Extreme weight loss leads to hypertension hence a fall in blood pressure is accompanied by weight loss since the heart does not struggle to pump blood to the whole body. A balanced diet consisting of calories consumption matching one’s sex, size and activity extent is of great help.

Stress Management

Alcohol, drug abuse and tobacco should not be used to eradicate stress as they can lead to hypertension. Physical exercise, meditation, yoga, warm baths and going for walks are the best ways of managing stress.

A Stressed Man
A Stressed Man

Physical Exercise

It is advisable to engage in weekly aerobic exercise, at least more than 2hours of an average potency or 75 minutes of high severity exercise. Recommended steps include cycling, jogging, swimming or walking. These will help in curing hypertension or other diseases such as diabetes.


As long as Hypertension patient implies the above measures, changes are the end result.  High Blood Sugar level is a threat that should be dealt with at an early stage by getting advice on how to cure Hypertension. 


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