Weight discrimination is said to be as common as gender and racial discrimination across the world. It is sad that weight stigma is mostly seen even in places and among people that are supposed to be there for the people. For example, students who are obese are said to skip school to avoid being ridiculed by their peers and the negative comments by their teachers. At work, some may fail interviews not because they are not qualified but because there is a notion that all overweight people are lazy and unproductive. Others may get harsh treatment from their co-workers which creates an unfavorable working environment. These cases are sad and it is unfair to treat some people differently because of their conditions.

Coping With Weight Stigma
Coping With Weight Stigma

Majority of victims when talked to, ask how to deal with weight discrimination. The first advice on how to cope with weight stigma would be, to come to terms with one’s condition. Most victims assume that their condition is normal which at times may not be correct. Others ignore the fact that they are obese and decide to not do anything about it. However, ignorance may not be the best solution in this case. Some health complications may develop as a result of obesity. Acceptance gives way for the other methods to work smoothly and be effective.

Weight stigma has various effects on people. Depression is most suffered outcome from weight stigma. Individuals involved may feel unwanted in the society. Mostly they are victims of denial. They assume that their bodies are perfectly fine. It is however important to put across that being obese is a dangerous condition. Others are victims of bullying because of their weight. This causes disengagement from social groups, school, church and many other places and activities. A practical advice on how to cope with weight stigma would be to visit a counsellor or psychologist to help with the depression.

Overeating is among the causes of obesity among individuals. This clearly points out that many people do not take food that provides nutrition for them. A proper nutrition means eating a balanced diet which provides the body with the right nutrients. Therefore, a person should visit a qualified nutritionist to have his or her body examined and together with the health worker come up with a proper eating program that suits the client. This can be an effective method to deal with weight stigma as the individual involved, is led on a proper path to deal with their excess weight which restores their confidence because the results can be visible after some time.

Visiting a Specialist to Help
Visiting a Specialist for Help

After a proper check up by a nutritionist and coming up with healthy eating habits it is then advisable to begin doing exercises. An exercise program goes a long way in ensuring that the body is kept fit and evidently when combined with a proper diet the excess weight is lost after some time. This should however become a habit for it to be effective.

Last but not least, an advice on how to cope with weight stigma would be to campaign against it. Unity is strength and if people who have been stigmatized before and overcame the challenge, those that were able to reduce their excess weight and the ones currently dealing with weight stigma, come together to campaign against it, then the world would become a better place.


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