Every workplace comes with its tension. Maybe it’s the no-nonsense boss, loads and loads of work, or the loud-mouth colleagues who may sometimes derive your workstation into a lifelong agony. For your physical and mental health, you need to maneuver your way through this kind of hassle.

Discussed below are a few ways one can cope with stress at work.

Do not do multiple tasks

Multi-tasking in the Office
Multi-tasking in the Office

 Manage your schedule in a way that accommodates every task at its own specified time. When you do this, it gives you ample time to attend to every project with maximum attention that is required, therefore, results in quality work, and you will not have to stress if there are tasks that hasn’t met the standard that is required.

Stop with the perfection mentality

You should know that perfection is unattainable. You can aim at doing the best but doing anything to attain flawlessness is just a fantasy that may cause frustration and panic. As long as you give it your best, that is just enough.


I know you would say, ‘I have work. I don’t have enough time.’ You sure do. Steal ten minutes of your break time or lunchtime. You can also give yourself a five minutes break after attending to each task. Take your time to ponder (your five minutes), of course, release the tension. After doing this, you will elevate your engagement at your workplace.

Acquire a rubber ball

Isn’t this too obvious? Every office has this for the sole purpose of releasing tension when need be. Whenever you squeeze the ball, your muscles relax, staving off any anxiety.

Coordinate yourself

Have your schedule. When you take care of your time well, you will not have to worry about being late or submitting a project past the deadline. Your level of frustration drops when you organize yourself well. You also need to manage your working space, and when our workspace is not well arranged, we tend to be confused, not knowing where everything is. Sometimes you need a pen to sign documents but then realize it’s not where it is supposed to be, and you will get worked up for no good reason, which may elevate your level of stress. As long as you have everything in its place, you will not have to worry as you jump here and there to accomplish tasks.

Breath, just breath

Breathing In and Out
Breathing In and Out

Whenever we feel pressurized, we tend to take heavy breaths, which sometimes may lead to an anxiety attack. If you find yourself in such a state, take a long, fulfilling breath, this will alert your brain to regulate your breathing. Repeat the process, and you will be good to go.

Find comfort

To perform well, you need to make yourself comfortable. If you feel your office chair isn’t relaxing enough, adjust it or replace it. You also need to ensure your station is free from noise to enhance your concentration.

A parting shot, your mental health is your responsibility. You are the one to say ‘stop’, ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ You should be aware of the time that you should anchor or sail away; you are the captain.


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