Advice on How to be Nominated as a MP in Kenya

Advice on How to be Nominated as a MP in Kenya

In Kenya, a Member of Parliament is nominated for a period of five years and can be possibly re- elected many times. A MP should utilize the sovereign position after nomination and play three major roles which are legislation, representation and oversight. If the three roles are well played, the nominated MP has chances of being re-elected. Below are factors one should consider when aspiring for such position.

Kenyan MPS on a Parliamentary Sitting
Kenyan MPS on a Parliamentary Sitting

a) Age.

For someone to qualify as an MP, they must be above 18 years. Age is a key factor as someone past teen age is fit for such a position and mature enough to politically deliver good work. 

b) Bankruptcy.

A person who aspires to be nominated as an MP should not have any cases of bankruptcy currently or in the past. It is advisable to possess good financial records as a way of building one’s profile politically.

c)An Open-minded Candidate.

Possessing an open mind is a basic requirement for communication hence a candidate should be in such a possession. Intelligence is a key factor in all domains including politics hence it is advisable to possess such a trait.

d)Political Registration

A registered voter is always in the position of being nominated as a MP as the voter’s card acts like a license during election. Political registration aligns with a political party that one belongs to so long as there is no dual ownership. The election body is capable of withdrawing any candidate who lacks a political party or does not have a voting card.

e) Citizenship.

A Kenyan citizenship of 10 years without a dual citizenship before the period of election is a basic requirement for anyone who wants to become a MP.

A Kenyan Passport
A Kenyan Passport

Cases of Dual Citizenship.

Dual citizenship does not restrict one from becoming a MP as long as the candidate aligns with the formulated laws.

f) Good conduct

In order to serve as a MP, one must not be subjected to imprisonment of six months from the registration date of election. Any cases of imprisonment may lead to disqualification as it is perceived one may mishandle official duties in relation to the past events.

g) Abuse of the Office.

A person aspiring to be nominated as a MP should not have cases of office abuse which is related to   the Chapter Six of the Kenyan Constitution. Such cases are regular hence anyone who wants to be elected or nominated should not possess any.

h) Level of Education.

The educational qualifications for a Kenyan MP are a degree from any recognized university. This educational requirement may be effective next year based on the formulated laws unless there is law amendment.

Negative Effect of Educational Requirement on Candidates.

Based on the strategized educational requirements, many people aspiring to be nominated as MPs or Governors may be affected as not all possess University degrees. It is ironical that the legislators who formulated the laws on educational requirements are the same people who want it be enacted.


Politics is an imperative and interesting domain that can easily be handled so long as one can properly perform the assigned duties.


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