Sometimes it is difficult to find the one you want to partner with in life. However, when determined it is easy to find the fitting partner.

Sometimes women make it hard because of wants. They place many conditions on the type of person they want and this can limit speedy finding the right person. For a speed date to happen, you need to attend events. There are places where such events are organized and different people meet with different intentions. Others with intentions of getting a spouse. Getting a spouse can be stressful because of the approach. When in such events where people meet in such of spouses, it is good to act fast and connect with the one who will approach you.

Get the Contacts of the Person

 Though it is not easy, but once agreed, it can be of a good idea.

It is advisable to exchange the contacts such as phone numbers, email addresses, and other methods of communication.

There are few lists of speedy getting the one;

Exchanging Phone Numbers
Exchanging Phone Numbers

Keep Communication on

Communication creates emotional attraction. In a relationship, communication is the key to keep it going. When people keep in touch throughout, they start feeling each other. therefore, each party is supposed to give communication priority. Being there for each other also brings closeness.

Arrange Meeting Venues

After keeping in touch, it is essential to meet and talk more one on one. This approach can lead to more talking and knowing each other. At this point, the attraction between the two develops further This can lead to a permanent relationship or short-term.


A Couple Holding a Discussion
A Couple Holding a Discussion

Start discussing in detail about likes and dislikes, hobbies, and what one does in the lifetime. Every party should carry herself/himself the way he is. It is not wise to be who you are not because it will not work. Have time for each other to grow together.

Speed dating can be stressful to some because of the pretense. Be who you are. Let your partner know you better. This can make one decide whether this is the right person or not.

One should not put so many conditions. This cannot work-it will break as early as it is starting.


It is always good to have self-respect when you are with your dating partner.


Speed dating has its challenges.

Lack of Respect

This comes about when one has a bad and dirty intention. The advice; do not be fast on getting intimacy. It is always painful to face rejection.


Obsession can lead to a bad relationship. You might meet someone who is obsessed instead of love. Dating such a person can be dangerous which leads to even passion killing. This is because that person does not want to see you relating with other people of the opposite gender.


For a speedy dating to be successful, both parties t=should work to its success. Nobody was born perfect so it is to learn to live with each other. Knowing each other fast, and getting engaged turn out to be a positive relationship. This is when each individual can bear with each other and work towards developing and strengthening the relationship. With such aspect, the right person is yours.


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