Advice on 9 Mother-Child Bonding Activities You Should Try

Advice on 9 Mother-Child Bonding Activities You Should Try

Mother-child bonding activities refer to things a mother-child can do together to improve their relationship and bring them closer to each other. The mother-child bonding activities are very important in that they help the child live to the fullest, get a chance to learn new and different things, boost the child’s self-esteem, help the child to have less emotional and behavioral problems, and be socially adjusted. It also allows the mother to teach the child different things as well as exposing the child to the world. To both, the mother and child the activities help them to have a healthy and functional relationship. There are many activities the mother-child can do together to boost their relationship. Below are nine mother-child bonding activities you should try.

Play a game

Playing Clapping Game With Daughter
Playing Clapping Game With Daughter

Both the mother and child can engage in a game during free time or set a day to play. This can be done once in a while especially over the weekends. Children love playing and therefore this will capture their attention quickly. The game should be exciting and relaxing. There are different games to pick from for instance rope skipping, football, ball catching, swinging among others. Playing with your child enables you to connect as well as reduce fatigue, hence relax. The game should be carried out in a friendly manner and in a conducive environment to avoid injuries. You can talk and joke while playing to make it interesting and memorable. This will help you to always look forward to playtime.

Take a drive to the park

Both mother and child can spend time together by taking a drive to the park. During the drive, you get an opportunity to talk and laugh at different things. You can point and explain on different things you meet and see during the drive. You can also carry out other exciting activities at the park, for example,  lay in the grass and look at the sky, talk about the clouds, rest under the shade of trees and eat lunch together.

Picking the child from school

Nothing is exciting and fulfilling like picking your child from school. This is because, after a long day at school, the child already is tired and sometimes bored. The child looks forward to going home and seeing a mother builds up so much joy and excitement within. You can also take the opportunity and give your child an unexpected treat. All this leaves behind beautiful memories which can not be forgotten easily. When picking your child from school ensure you get to the school a few minutes earlier.

Take a walk

The mother-child can take a walk in the neighborhood or visit a new place. During the walk, you can hold hands with your child, talk, and point out different things. You can also take photographs to bring a stir to the walk. A walk will help you and your child to connect more.

Watch a movie

Watching movies is relaxing. You can watch a movie together with your child. You can choose to watch it from the house or go to the movies in town. You can have a snack to share during the movie. After watching you can take time to discuss your experience especially what you saw and what you were thinking about the different characters.

Read books

Reading books does not only improve your child’s intellectual but also allows you to explain different things to your child. You can read the book or ask the child to read the book aloud.

Mother Reading to Two Daughters
Mother Reading to Two Daughters

Go on a shopping spree together

You can take your child out shopping in town. This brings to light moments and excitement. During the shopping allow your child to assist in picking up the things you need. Apart from the household needs let your child pick up the things they require.

Do household chores together

Allow your child to assist in the household chores. The child can help you clean the utensils, cook, dust surfaces among others. Allowing your child to participate in household chores does not only connect you but also inculcate responsibility.

Narrate your day

You can narrate how your day was to your child. You can point out what you did during the day. You can also let the child narrate to you how their day was. What was interesting most disappointing. This enables you to get into your child’s world as well as knowing the things happening in their life.

In conclusion, the above are nine mother-child bonding activities you should try to boost the relationship between you and your child. The activities give an opportunity to know your child more as well as an avenue of connecting you with your child.


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