Having a child or children is a blessing from God. The challenge comes in when it comes to parenting and bringing them up with good behavior that will make them turn out to be well-behaved and mannered individuals in the future. In this article, we are going to discuss advice on six parenting styles.

1. Authoritative parenting style                                                                                                                                                                           

Giving Instructions
Giving Instructions

In this type of parenting, parents tend to have behavioral expectations of their children. Parents also tend to use power and discipline when necessary. This style of parenting encourages self-direction and discussion of opinions. Parents are involved in problem-solving. This kind of parenting guides while also considering the child’s desire and need for self-decision making. This parenting style also provides support and warmth and defines clear rules and consistent discipline it is the best method and is mostly used by parents. This method has proven to be the best since children raised with this style are self-discipline and think for themselves. It involves communication with your children more to understand them. Parents should consider using this method because it has been proven to work.

2. Authoritarian parenting style

In the authoritarian parenting style, parents have strict rules and punishment is there when rules are broken. Parents in this group tend to punish their child when a rule is broken without explaining the logic behind the punishment as a parent before you punish a child you should explain to them why you are punishing them and the mistake they made for them to learn from it and never repeat the next time. In this parenting style parents also express love only when the child meets their expectations but for a child to learn you as a parent should learn to encourage them more than only punishing them only when they have made the mistake. As apparent you must also learn to appreciate your child no matter how small you should validate them also to build their confidence. The children from this parenting style are well-behaved and obedient in a school setting. Children from authoritarian parenting style also harm children’s behavior they have behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, and alcohol abuse.

3. Attachment parenting style

This is a parenting style that applies when a child is still young during the baby and toddler years. This is when a child is required to stay with the primary caregiver for example for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact. Parent stays with the child for most of the time to bond and this has been proven to bring a positive impact on the children who stayed with their primary caregiver than those who did not the children who stayed with their parents during this time have shown that they can cope with adversity and stress so if you could spare time to bond with your little one use this chance but also don’t forget about yourself because it has been proven that parents who practice attachment parenting style develop health problems since they spend most of the time with their child.

4. Free-range parenting style

Parents in this group are more connected to their children and are not very strict. This kind of parenting teaches children to be more independent. It allows the child to do what you think he or she can handle. It makes children more resilient, better at handling challenges and setbacks in life it also encourages creativity and strong problem-solving skills. Parents can use this method but also keep in mind to set some rules to help them from overdoing things.

5. Permissive parenting style

Permissive or indulgent parenting style is where parents tend to treat children as their friends in this group parents makes few demands, children makes their own decisions because parents avoid any use of control. This kind of parenting makes children mature into responsible adults if given enough love and support also children from this group are creative and cannot be easily be lured into activities that do not feel right. This kind of parenting also has a downside because the parent does not give much guidance to their children and they could seek them from their peers or social media parents should try to guide their children often to protect them from falling into the wrong hands. Children from this group also experience antisocial behaviors and fall victims to drugs and alcohol abuse so don’t give your children too much freedom but also provide them guidance regularly and be there for them when they need you.

6. Modern parenting style

Daddy Enjoying a Meal With Son
Daddy Enjoying a Meal With Son

Modern parenting style uses family unique passion, values, and beliefs to guide parenting decisions. It balances between family commitment and family time and also involves teaching children to survive and thrive during family challenges and encourages safe and wise use of technology as apparent you can teach your child how to use technology wisely to avoid exploitation. This parenting style has proven to be good it helps build a bond with your children by spending time together and instilling good values and assisting in problem-solving.


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